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TODAI/토다이 "What an Impeccable dinning experience!"

      Out of nowhere, I get a chance to visit 'Todai' Sushi and Seafood restaurant located in COEX, Gangnam! My Korean lab mates keep telling me that it the most expensive restaurant in COEX, meanwhile, I was continuously checking money in my wallet as well as thinking about 'how to survive for the rest of month!'. The fascinating thing about the restaurant was its high quality of food. In addition to that, it was eatable for me and my other Pakistani colleague!

while waiting for our turn, I took this pic of my colleagues!
      Let me briefly mention about background of this visit! Our university (Kyung Hee University) is going to participate in World IT Show being held at COEX from 11-14 May, 2011. This is held every year and one important pillar of it is IT Research Center (ITRC Forum). There are around 70 universities that are part of ITRC forum under different themes such as Smart IT, Human IT, City IT, Eco IT, Network IT etc. Kyung Hee University was part of Human IT!  Therefore, purpose of our visit was to setup presentation material and posters!  
waiting for it to VIBRATE!!!

         Enough of the boring talk!, lets get back to food!.  The restaurant environment was pretty good. Lights were not bright to give an impression of pleasant romantic evening :)  There were so many dishes to try ranging from salads, sushi, chinese etc There were a lot options in beverages, sweets and fruits. Interestingly, I found "naan" there but the cook of naan was so slow and inept :)  I hardly remembered the name of dishes though majority of them were delicious and nicely decorated!

My Plate! I guess first shift

My colleague Shani
 This was the best food/eating experience I had in Korea since the time I arrive here! Its in human nature that whenever you see a lot of things in one place, you can't decide/pick the best ones :) But as far as my eating options, I enjoyed eating most of the dishes! Whatever dish has written sea-food (shrim, crab, fish etc.) or vegetables/potato on it, I tried it!!
Korean Lab mates!
Last but not least I would like to mention that it was a 'free' dinner given to us by our LAB! I guess it is a reward for working on Holiday :) 

© Hassan Abid All Rights Reserved 2011 


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