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Dynamic Busan and Korea Stay

Busan is second largest city of Korea, and it is located in its southern part. Busan is city of beaches and harbor. Here are few famous tourist "must visit" spots :

 Another view of temple from top
last but not least Yongdusan Park hosts Busan Tower ( somewhat similar to Seoul Tower). Lover can lock their love here :) It is located in Nampo-dong area. close to Fish market and Nampo-dong fashion street. 

Aquatic Show at Lotte Store Nampo-dong is unique and must see! 
For more information about Korea Stay program : Check this link out :
I highly recommend to try Korea stay program and learn Korean culture together with a Korean family.

Muakgeuk 'Cheoyong' Performance

Muakgeuk 'Cheoyong', a traditional performance was held at Korea Culture House (KOUS). Here are some pictures of the performance. Hope you enjoy it ~