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KTO Walking Tour App and it's usage

Korean Tourism Organization launched Seoul city walking tour app, which gives unique yet correct and meaningful information about HOT tourist spot in Seoul including Gwanghamun, Seoul city museum, Insa-dong etc. You can also see maps through app, and know your current location!

I am highlighting main features of app below!

I will highly recommend to download this app : Below are links for Android and iOS : Android :

iOS :

Rainbow Island Music and Camping Festival at Nami-Island

The 3rd Rainbow Island Music and Camping Festival was held from June 6 ~9, 2013 at Nami-island, Korea (남이섬).  The whole concept of festival was Live ROCK MUSIC at it's three stages namely Rainbow (main), Island and Forest stage. Along-side with music performances, there were several events/shows/games going on the island. A joker-magician was amusing audience with his tricks, African dancers rocking their moves, jelly-bag is giving tough challenge to music-lovers to jump from a decent height etc. 
There were many games to play also, and they were organized by many start-ups or companies for promotional purposes!
So CAMPING is more fun or LIVE ROCK MUSIC ? or BOTH of them together ? :)  

All three stages hosted artists at different times. There was 1 hour break between each performance so people can shuffle and move-around easily.
The main performance of the day started at night ( 7.30pm).  Yes, it was T|RAVIS again at RAINBOW-ISLAND. They sang many new songs along with old classic…