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Kwanaksan Hike, near Sadang Station, Seoul (관악산 사다역)

It was bright sunny morning on May 5, 2011, a perfect day for climbing mountain! I went for hike with 'Climbing in Korea (CIK)' group! The mountain name was Kwanaksan, near Sadang Station, height 629m.  The CIK organizers called it an "easy hike", though it turns out the other way!

Random Fact# May 5 is a 'children's day' in Korea and a public holiday

 The starting time of hike was 10.00am, and after some stretching we proceeded to the track!   

There are around 23+ people. Countries of origin: Korea, USA, South Africa, UK, Pakistan, India, Newzeland  

The picturesque view of Seoul from Mountain looked awesome!

Once I reached the first peak, somebody told me "that's it" now we have to climb down. My reply was: This is not fair, I want to climb more! Actually this was a joke and who knows there were yet 6 more peaks to climb!

Few more peaks like this!

Oh I need water!!
Around 12.00pm, we stopped for lunch break. My friends Junhwa and Mira joined us at that time. They started to hike late! After having lunch, we resumed our hike. The most interesting part of the hike came up when we have to use 'ropes' for climbing a steep rock! 

I used this rope too, and it was new experience! Looks exciting but....

 And hike goes on and on....... After some time, I could see the finishing point!

we are very disciplined hikers :)

is this the end ? I am not so sure!!! 
Finally, its time to show you the 'end point'!!  

Yes, this is the final point! 629 meter high! .The white globe is a weather Radar ? may be! The was a temple beside it too!

The CIK members after conquering the mountain. DO they look tired ?
 Random Fact#  Always keep a lots of water with you. A bottle of 500 ml water costs 2000-3000 Won on the mountain!

On the way down, we took the way towards Seoul National University. It was pretty smooth going down. At last, 6 hours hike ended, and we departed to home! So tired, hungry and thirsty :-) 

on the way down
 © Hassan Abid All Rights Reserved 2011


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