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Tips and tricks for finding any place in SEOUL ( unconventional ) [1]

Note: The targeted audience is the  foreigners who are new in the town and are not afraid of using web technology!

Ironically, traveling to East Asian countries is exciting and often problematic at same time. Here are some unconventional yet effective ways to find places in SEOUL ( 서울 ).
Please pay attention to some of Korean words that I am writing in brackets! 
These days there are a lot of useful maps available ( English only  or English+Korean) . As per my experience they are not much useful, because you won't find English written everywhere.Furthermore, Korean maps are difficult to read.

SEOUL ( 서울 ) transportation systems is  well-designed and every tourist spot is co-located with a Subway station (지하철)or Bus (버스) Stop. So while surfing the internet you will get to know Subway station name along with exit no. / Bus Stop name under the Directions tab of any tourist spot.

If you are confused and want to see how it look likes in reality ( 2D/3D Images , Virtual reality), Then y…

Upcoming articles in March/April!

Tentative list:

1-  Why Cricket (크리켓) is famous in Pakistan ?  and why this World Cup 2011 means so much to them ? [end of March]

2- Why I came to Korea, and What are my thoughts about Korea ?  [April]

3. My hometown, how does it looks like ?


What a MUSLIM can/cannot eat or drink ?

Whenever I visit any place, or meet any person in Korea. I have this feelings that people don't know much about what a MUSLIM ( religion -> Islam) can/cannot eat or drink ?

Here are brief details :

A.Muslims can eat  meat( Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Camel, Duck ) which is "HALAL" and Sea Food ( Fish etc.)
Explanation : Islam has laws regarding which foods can and cannot be eaten and also on the proper method of slaughtering an animal for consumption, known as dhabihah. However if there is no other food available then a Muslim is allowed to eat non-halal food. Holy Quran(Surah 2:173) states:

"If one is forced because there is no other choice, neither craving nor transgressing, there is no sin in him".

Halal :Halal (Arabic:حلال, ḥalāl; means lawful or legal) is a term designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according toIslamic law. It is the opposite of haraam. The term is used to designate food seen as permissible according to Isla…

SEOUL City Tour [6 March 2011]

Pictures itself tell the story : ->>>>>>>>>>>>>

An memorable afternoon with full of zeal at Gangnam-gu

The year 2010-2012 has been declared a “VISIT KOREA YEAR” by private and government sector. The Mayor of Gangnam district, one of the 25 districts of Seoul, her majesty Yeon-hee Shin speculated millions of tourist visiting Gangnam during the aforementioned time period. Gangnam-gu is a hybrid city where traditional Korean culture and modern images of straight roads and high-rise apartments and buildings co-exists. Gangnam-gu is heart of Seoul where 250,000 tourist visit every year. It is quite remarkable to see how it has changed over last twenty years to a city that may rightly be called a “Symbol of Wealth”. On a pleasant day during this winter season, the Honorary Publicity Ambassadors were invited to attend the Gangnam-gu’s Goodwill Festival.. The purpose of the “Goodwill Festival” was two-fold. Firstly, a tour scheduled for sightseeing. Secondly, a commission ceremony for conferring certificates to Honorary Publicity Ambassadors. The long-term objective of arranging these kinds of …