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Two Fantastic Days at R16 World Championship finals!!

South Korea is hosting R16 World B-Boy championships for 7th consecutive time!  

Yet again, famous and agile B-boys from all over world gathered at Olympic Park hall  on July 13 and 14 to show off  "What they have got"!!

Participating countries include Korea, USA, Japan, France, Taiwan, China, Kagazhistan, Philippines, Australia etc. First day of event was SOLO battle. B-boy solo battle, popping and locking competition was held.

B-boy Solo Battle Final :    B-Boy Blonde ( Australia) vs. B-Boy Issei from Japan
Winner : B-Boy Issei Locking Battle Final :   Nao (Japan) vs  Luna from Korea
Winner : Nao 

Popping Battle Final :  Josh from Singapore vs. Hoan from Korea Winner : Hoan 
Photos courtesy Hogeun Kim 

July 14 was main day of event as b-boys crew battle was scheduled to be held. Once again it was B-boy Pocket who rocked and shocked everyone out there.  

*B-boy Crew Performance Battle
Winner: Body Carnival (Japan)
*B-boy Crew Battle
Winner: Morning of Owl (Korea) Overall, it was …

Puri - A mixture of traditional and Modern Korean Music

PURI : July 5, 2013 at National Theater of Korea , Seoul Korea
Concept of PURI is simple and straight-forward by using Korean traditional musical instruments with touch and glare of modern instruments. In conclusion  they have been successful to get attention of foreign audience. In my humble opinion, Korean youth prefers modern instruments over traditional instruments, therefore a performance like PURI can fascinate them. 1

I liked singing traditional songs with piano beat. It was unique yet mesmerizing.  We could feel Korean culture more closely and passionately.

 Special thanks to Korean Tourism Organization for this wonderful performance !

Drums and Cats - DrumCats performance in Korea

Image courtesy :

DrumCats Performance  : June 29, 2013 at Gaon Hall Theater in Myungbo Art Hall

With their special and glamour looks, powerful performance DrumCats rocks and amuses their audiences. It was worth attending a show by energetic group of Drum Girls.

Show started by an amazing violin performance which receive a lot of applaude and praise from audience members mostly comprising of foreign nationals.

I have always seen Men playing drums in Korea but this was my first experience seeing charming girls dressed in black, playing drums. They engaged audience throughout the performance. Not a single moment during show, we got bored. With their unique style of playing drums, we

Time of performance was 80 minutes which was enough to entertain full house!

Thanks Korean Tourism Organization for providing an opportunity to see this awesome show!