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Korean style pizza vs. New York Style Pizza

While explaining to foreigners, Koreans declare Pajeon/파전 as similar to pizza ! But in fact this is totally different! Korean style pizza or 파전 is made up of onion, octopus, shrimp, and egg. They are mixed together and fried in oil. Usually restaurants serve it with Makgoli ( Korean rice wine).
On the other hand, New York still is filled up with topping. It's mega sized and not sweet ;) the best place to taste it if you visit Brick Oven Pizza in Gangnam!

Korean food. kimchi,tofu, bimbimbap

Tofu kimchi and bimbimbap pics

Delicious and heathy Korean food.

Big 3 at building 63 ( special thanks to KEB Bank)

Building 63 or 육삼 빌딩 or Hawha building is tallest building in Seoul. It provides a spectacular view of city around Han river.
It has got everything in one place. A wax museum , an aquarium , IMAX theater, Sky Art etc.
Korea Exchange Bank , by quite some distance, number one global organization/bank in Korea offered a Man won surprise to its customer. Normally it costs 33 thousand korean won for BIG 3 ( any 3 options) in building 63.

Here are some pictures from wax museum , aquarium and sky art.