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Kwanaksan Hike, near Sadang Station, Seoul (관악산 사다역)

It was bright sunny morning on May 5, 2011, a perfect day for climbing mountain! I went for hike with 'Climbing in Korea (CIK)' group! The mountain name was Kwanaksan, near Sadang Station, height 629m.  The CIK organizers called it an "easy hike", though it turns out the other way!
Random Fact# May 5 is a 'children's day' in Korea and a public holiday

Once I reached the first peak, somebody told me "that's it" now we have to climb down. My reply was: This is not fair, I want to climb more! Actually this was a joke and who knows there were yet 6 more peaks to climb!

Around 12.00pm, we stopped for lunch break. My friends Junhwa and Mira joined us at that time. They started to hike late! After having lunch, we resumed our hike. The most interesting part of the hike came up when we have to use 'ropes' for climbing a steep rock! 

 And hike goes on and on....... After some time, I could see the finishing point!

Finally, its time to show you t…

TODAI/토다이 "What an Impeccable dinning experience!"

Out of nowhere, I get a chance to visit 'Todai' Sushi and Seafood restaurant located in COEX, Gangnam! My Korean lab mates keep telling me that it the most expensive restaurant in COEX, meanwhile, I was continuously checking money in my wallet as well as thinking about 'how to survive for the rest of month!'. The fascinating thing about the restaurant was its high quality of food. In addition to that, it was eatable for me and my other Pakistani colleague!
      Let me briefly mention about background of this visit! Our university (Kyung Hee University) is going to participate in World IT Show being held at COEX from 11-14 May, 2011. This is held every year and one important pillar of it is IT Research Center (ITRC Forum). There are around 70 universities that are part of ITRC forum under different themes such as Smart IT, Human IT, City IT, Eco IT, Network IT etc. Kyung Hee University was part of Human IT!  Therefore, purpose of our visit was to setup presentation mat…