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Seoul Tube 2011!!

Seoul Tube 2011 logo: Courtesy Michael

 On May 28, 2011, at Yeouido/여의도 Park, Seoul, Korea, we all gathered for Seoul Tube event! More than 100 people subscribed to event with diverse cultures and background! We all gathered for following agenda/theme. 
To meet You tubers in Korea, 
to share experiences about life in Korea and why we make videos, 
and some casual talk!
last but not least "To make new friends" I am sure that everybody has increased his friend list by the end of day!

I went there with my friends David Choo (Founder TedxItaewon) and Sohyun Ha (Director TedxItaewon)! 
The organizer of Seoul Tube 2011 was Michael Aronson.( The location of event was perfect for a bright sunny day! 

Random fact# Yeouido is a spacious park near Han River!

I met many people there whose videos I used to watch. These people are Hyunwoo Sun, Kyeong-eun Choi, Steve Millar, Seokjin, Matt Lee and of course Michael! 

Michael Aronson : The Organizer of Seoul Tube 2011
and the talk goes on and on!
Random Shot!

with Matt Lee : the coolest Korean I know!

The cutest and youngest couple I have ever seen! they are high school students!

game time :) Kick Frisbee ? ^^
Suggestions for foreigners coming to Korea!

1- You better watch youtube channels of following people [I will post link]
put the following links ahead of 


2- You better learn Korean language using following website

3- You better meet all of them in the next Seoul Tube event. probably in September 2011!

Seoul Tube 2011 Group Photo : Courtesy Hyunwoo Sun!

After staying there for 3 hours, I decided to visit Itaewon 이태원 to eat Halal Food! I enjoy buffet dinner at Foreign Restaurant with Sabai Thein and later on David Choo also joined us.

Chicken tikka, Vegie Rolls!

This concludes one memorable day in Seoul, Korea

Author : Hassan Abid : PR Manager TedxItaewon


Hdefined said…
Great pictures!
hassanabid said…
Great people, Great pictures :)

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